Neo has lived a colourful and varied life that has always in some way, shape or form revolved around art. He first got the buzz for tattooing at the age of 20, and was taught the way of the needles by Lee of Worthing. After serving an apprenticeship under Lee he continued to work along side him for many years, before taking the plunge and opened his first studio in Epsom in 1981.

After deciding to increase his tattooing knowledge and experience, NEO closed his studio in Epsom and spent many years travelling and tattooing. NEO finally settled, once again, and now taking the opportunity to open Skin Tec Tattoo in Ashford Kent.


NEO’s artistic abilities mixed with his passion leave his clients with stunning results of living artwork, with many commenting on his now renowned relaxed and friendly character. Specialising in fine line, NEO has made a name for himself as a tattooist with a profound ability and knowledge that is greatly respected by his peers.

As a member of the British Tattoo Artists Federation (B.T.A.F) and the Tattoo Club Of Great Britain (T.C.O.G.B) and with 36 years professional tattooing experience, as well as 35 years professional body piercing experience, his current studio Skin Tec Tattoo is fast becoming the place to be tattooed and pierced.

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Skin Tec Tattoo is proud to announce that Jayde; who has six years experience in tattooing is now one of our resident artists.

Jayde apprenticed under Neo and will now be working along side him.


Jayde studied art throughout college and university at The University of the Arts London and Neo taught her how to channel this skill into tattooing and to further her skill in drawing throughout her apprenticeship.


Jayde has taken this expertise she learned through Neo and created her own unique style within tattooing but keeps true to her training and explores and creates all genres of art.


Skin Tec Tattoo is happy to take Jayde into her new role and is looking forward to being the place Jayde will thrive and build her career here at the studio for many years to come.

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