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This list is not intended to be a comprehensive itemisation of every piercing that we do. There are some piercings that we will never undertake, such as the clitoris (not to be confused with the clitoral hood) for very good reasons.

It's worth remembering that there are some piercings that go by many different names. This is mainly due to new piercers 'inventing' piercings that have been performed many times before. There is an old saying that 'There is nothing new under the sun', but there are some exceptions that really are classed as 'modern' piercings. These have become possible due to advancements in jewellery design and piercing techniques. The advent of bio-medical plastics means that piercings heal quicker, so the 'impossible' piercings of the past are now possible or, in other words, 'healable'.We use Medical Grade Titanium 6AI-4VELi ASTM:F -136 which is the best jewellery to be pierced with.WHICH IS NOT USED

All our prices include , body jewellery.



Ear Piercing


The fleshy part at the bottom of the ear. 
From £12.50 for one or £25 for a pair with gun


The fleshy part at the bottom of the ear.

needle and titanium body jewellery

one £30 pair special price of £50



The pinna is actually the name for the whole of the ear, but has, over time, become the word that is used for a piercing of the flat cartilage at the top of the ear. Otherwise known as the outer conch. 


The 'shell' of the ear. 


The curled edge on the outside of the ear. 


The ridge of cartilage parallel to the helix. Otherwise known as the 'snug'. 


The nub in front of the ear canal, on the side of the face. 


Otherwise known as scaffolding. Two piercings connected by one bar. 


The ridge of cartilage just above the ear canal. Derived from the name for part of the Kaballistic tree of life. Thought to help with wisdom and understanding. Filters out nonsense and allows intelligence to pass. 


Fold of cartilage between the conch and the outer conch (pinna). 


Two piercings joined by one ring. 


Inner Helix 
The part of the helix closest to the face. 



The ridge of cartillage above the earlobe, opposite the tragus. 


Anti-Tragus (surface piercing )
surface piercing just in front of Tragus 



Facial Piercing



Piercing placed almost vertical on the eyebrow. 


Piercing of the lower lip. 


Low labret piercing near the chin. 


Upper lip 'beauty spot' piercing, otherwise known as Monroe. 


Piercing of the outer cartilage of the nose. Also commonly known as 'nose piercing'. 


Piercing through the small gap between the cartilage in the centre of the nose. Otherwise known as the 'bull ring'. 


Matching pair of lower lip piercings, one either side. 
£60 per pair 


Usually through the natural gap in the centre of the tongue. 



Body Piercing



Surface piercing parallel to the collarbone. 


Hand Web 
Piercing of the web of skin between the thumb and first finger. 


Inverse navel 
Piercing on the lower half of the navel. 


Piercing of the lip of skin above the navel. 


Horizontal Nipple 
Usually different placement for male and female. Through the nipple and male behind the nipple. 
£60 pair


Vertical Nipple 
Bar placed vertically through the nipple. 
£60 pair


Surface Piercing 
Piercing of flat skin anywhere on the body. Special flat skin bars that are staple shaped must be used to reduce the chances of rejection. 
From £45


Micro Dermal Anchor 
Single point piercing that utilises small implants that can be placed into half of a surface piercing. Actually a hybrid between piercing and implants. More permanent than piercing. 


Skin Divers
Single point stud that unlike the micro dermal anchor can be placed close together which allows you to have patterns eg stars letters etc. For more details please call in and speak to Staff. 


For any genital piercings please call for further details 

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