The fully health registered, and immaculately sterile studio, has been blended with a fun and relaxed atmosphere, along with top quality custom design work and over 42 years tattooing experience, to create a shop with a passion for tattooing and piercing.

The shop carries a wide range of designs and styles with everything from Tribal and Fine Line to Traditional Japanese, Portraits, Old School and everything in between. You can choose from over 1 million flash designs, bring in a design of your own or have the resident artist turn your ideas into a superb, one of a kind, piece of custom artwork. The possibilities are endless, with the only limitation being the extent of your imagination.

You can rest assured that your safety and well being are paramount at Skin Tec Tattoo. That is why the studio is fully health registered and we work ‘hand in hand’ with local environmental health officials to make sure that we are up to date with the latest sterilisation techniques, equipment and legislation.

With every tattoo or piercing we use NEW gloves, ink, ink caps and autoclaved (sterilised) tubes ,new needles, and all our machines are bagged. All of which are disposed of through an accredited bio-hazard waste disposal agency. If you still have any questions regarding our sterilisation or hygiene procedures then please feel free to ask a member of staff.

With the support of our growing number of loyal customers and the hard work of the studio staff, Skin Tec Tattoo continues to go from strength to strength, and will be carrying on with the tradition of top class design work, fair prices and high quality tattooing for many years to come.